ReferDigital - Merchant Fees

Fees to use ReferDigital for merchants consist of a mandatory monthly access fee, plus per-transaction charges which depend on your platform activity.

1. Access fee

This is a $99/month fee required for access as a merchant to ReferDigital and all available tools, as well as being listed in the ReferDigital directory for any interested potential partners to see. If you apply to ReferDigital as a merchant and your account is approved, you will be prompted to enter your credit card information into our system to keep on file; this card will then be billed the fee monthly. Your merchant account will not be functional until a card is on file for billing purposes.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Scenario applies: you make a sale or lead conversion on your own website through a ReferDigital affiliate link.

For affiliate marketing on ReferDigital, ReferDigital charges a fee equivalent to 20% of the commissions paid out. For example, for a lead campaign with lead commission of $50, the ReferDigital fee would be $10. For a shopping cart campaign with a cart order total of $100 and 10% commission, the ReferDigital fee would be $2.

ReferDigital fees will be assessed when you are charged for affiliate commissions after commissions lock for any given month. The affiliate balance shown in your merchant account includes ReferDigital fees due. Normally these fes would be charged to your card on file, unless alternative invoicing arrangements are made with us.

3. Selling On ReferDigital

Scenario applies: you make a sale on the ReferDigital website (retail, wholesale, or dropship).

Selling on the ReferDigital website incurs a ReferDigital fee of 2.1% + 20 cents per order. This fee is for both selling retail as well as for selling wholesale/dropship, and is assessed on the checkout value (in other words, it will be lower for a dropship order, since dropship prices are lower than retail prices).

ReferDigital uses Stripe to process credit card payments. Stripe will in addition assess its own credit card processing fee for checking out. Typically this fee is 2.9% + 30 cents per order. This means a total fee (Stripe + ReferDigital) of 5% + 50 cents per order.

When funds from sales are deposited in your Stripe account, they will be net of this total fee.

4. Selling On ReferDigital through partner's personalized stores

Scenario applies: you make a retail sale on the ReferDigital website through a partner's personalized store.

If you are selling on ReferDigital, partners approved for your program are given personalized versions of your ReferDigital retail store they can use to promote your products. For successful conversions, an affiliate commission due is calculated as the difference between retail and dropship prices. A standard 90 day affiliate cookie applies to such sales.

Fees incurred in this case will be a combination of the usual selling + affiliate fees listed above (5% + 50 cents per order for the retail sale, as well as 20% of affiliate commissions.). They are assessed at the usual times, i.e. selling fees are assessed by ReferDigital and Stripe at checkout, and the 20% affiliate fee at the time affiliate commissions are paid.

Note: Enterprise Clients

Besides the $99/month self-service option above, we also offer our enterprise clients an enterpise plan where we set up and manage your ReferDigital account on an ongoing basis. Contact us for more details and pricing.

If you have any questions about any ReferDigital fees, please feel free to contact us.

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