About ReferDigital

ReferDigital is a company dedicated to connecting makers and brands with companies that can promote them to their customers. We provide selling tools and an online network to create partnerships allowing for affiliate marketing, wholesale purchasing, and white label (dropship) promotion. Through ReferDigital merchants (brands, manufacturers, wholesalers, importers, service providers and other suppliers) can find partners - affiliate marketers to promote their products and services on an affiliate basis, as well as online retailers to purchase their products wholesale and/or dropship on behalf on end consumers.

ReferDigital is a sales channels for its merchants and a source of products and services to promote for its partners. We encourage merchants to set affiliate commissions and wholesale/dropship margins appropriately so as to ensure that their partners can capture a fair shair of customer lifetime value (CLTV) and build sustainable businesses promoting their own partner brands.

Our goal is for ReferDigital to be an online resource for helping online businesses sell more and grow. Our belief is that the problem of distribution is now the hardest one for businesses to solve. When the Internet was young, just throwing something up on the web, with perhaps a minimum of advertising on Google's new-at-the-time platform often guaranteed success. Today that is no longer the case, and businesses have to be concerned with how best to cut through the incredible amount of information on the Internet to get the word out about their products and services. Through ReferDigital, we hope to help businesses achieve their full potential by connecting them with partners who can help them solve the distribution problem, providing them the tools to work with those partners efficiently, and hence freeing them up once more to do with they naturally do best: build better products and services.

ReferDigital is a subsidiary of Traffikoo, a company founded in 2005 to provide internet marketing and ecommerce services and solutions. Since inception Traffikoo has sent well over $500m in new business to its customers (mostly ecommerce stores, online services, and SaaS companies). Traffikoo also provides Addue, a comprehensive suite of SaaS tools for online marketing, and 123ORM.com, a powerful but simple online reputation management tool for helping businesses get the online reviews they deserve.

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