About ReferDigital

ReferDigital, founded in 2011 and based in Dallas, Texas, offers a comprehensive affiliate marketing platform for businesses. We provide tools for launching and managing affiliate programs, enabling merchants to partner with affiliates, influencers, and others for performance-based marketing. Features include flexible commission structures, powerful affiliate tracking, global currency support, and advanced reporting. The platform is designed for ease of use with a focus on efficient affiliate onboarding and payment processing. ReferDigital caters to a wide range of businesses, ensuring seamless integration and effective lead and sales generation through affiliate partnerships.

Our goal is for ReferDigital to be an online resource for helping online businesses sell more and grow. Our belief is that the problem of distribution is now the hardest one for businesses to solve.

In the digital age, simply launching a website and basic advertising no longer guarantees success. Modern businesses face the challenge of standing out amidst a vast array of online information and competitors vying for customer attention. ReferDigital is dedicated to empowering these businesses to reach their peak potential. We achieve this by connecting them with strategic partners who can assist in resolving distribution challenges, offering efficient tools for collaboration. Our aim is to enable businesses to refocus on their core competencies: developing superior products and services.

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