Affiliate Campaigns for Monthly Plans

Set up affiliate campaigns which pay out monthly as long as the customer is still an active subscriber on your website.

Ideal For:

  • SaaS Companies
  • Subscription Boxes
  • Paid Newsletters
  • Paid Membership Clubs
  • Other Subscription Businesses
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Align your goals with your affiliates and incentivize growth with low churn.

Offer affiliates recurring income with a subscription campaign on ReferDigital.

Affiliate Marketing Made Easy

ReferDigital offers powerful affiliate marketing tools you can use to offer affiliate campaigns to your partners. Affiliate marketing is pay-for-performance marketing: you pay commissions to reward partners who drive traffic that converts into customers on your own website.

Affiliate Payments Made Easy

We keep track of how much is owed to each affiliate for their commissions and just periodically bill you for the total amount owed to all affiliates- we handle all the work of paying affiliates their respective amounts, sending them 1099 tax forms, etc.

Recurring Commissions

ReferDigital's powerful subscription campaign type allows you to set up campaigns which pay out monthly as long as the customer is still an active subscriber on your website, for example, if you're a SaaS company, paid newsletter, subscription box, or other subscription business.

Powerful Tracking Technology

ReferDigital features powerful tracking to make sure your affiliates are always credited their correct commissions. We combine traditional cookie tracking with modern cookie-less tracking methods to track transactions and attribute them correctly.

No Setup Fees

There is no signup or setup fee for merchants to join ReferDigital. ReferDigital offers merchants a true win-win - we only charge a fraction of any commissions due for conversions we send you, and a small monthly fee. So our interests are fully aligned with yours. Learn more.

Concierge Setup / Migration

We will help and support you every step of the way as you set up a new affiliate program on ReferDigital, or migrate an existing one elsewhere to our platform, including help with campaign setup and tracking pixel installation - everything you need to hit the ground running.

FOR MERCHANTS: Sell more with an affiliate program on ReferDigital

Find more customers. ReferDigital enables you to set up an affiliate program so that your partners, affiliate marketers, influencers, and other promoters can promote your products or services to new customers
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