Powerful Tools To Partner With Merchants

ReferDigital provides powerful online tools designed from the ground up to help affiliates and retailers partner with quality brands and manufacturers.

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Buy Wholesale
  • Buy Dropship
  • Find New Merchants in the ReferDigital Network
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FOR PARTNERS: Retailers, Affiliate Marketers, Other Promoters

Find brands, manufacturers, and other suppliers to purchase wholesale from, dropship from, or promote online on an affiliate basis.

Work With Merchants

ReferDigital makes it easy to partner with brands and manufacturers. Review merchant profiles on ReferDigital and apply directly to the ones you wish to work with. Manage all your merchants in one interface.

Buy Wholesale

Find merchants that sell wholesale on ReferDigital, and apply to be their partner. If approved you can browse their wholesale catalogs and purchase wholesale directly on ReferDigital, managing your orders through our interface.

Buy Dropship

A unique feature of ReferDigital is that it allows partnering with merchants on a dropship basis besides a wholesale one, enabling partners to "own the customer" without storing inventory if the merchant offers this via ReferDigital.

Affiliate Marketing

Through ReferDigital you can promote and make money with any merchants that offer affiliate marketing campaigns. Both lead generation (fixed commissions per lead) as well as shopping cart (percent of cart value commissions) campaigns are available.

ReferDigital Network

ReferDigital offers a network to connect merchants with new merchants. Once you join ReferDigital, you can discover new merchants on our platform and apply to them directly to work with them.

True Partnerships

Unlike other networks, ReferDigital focuses on true partnerships. We actively encourage merchants to structure commissions and wholesale/dropship prices so their partners can benefit from full customer lifetime value (CLTV).

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