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ReferDigital enables affiliate marketers, influencers, and other promoters to partner with quality companies and brands.

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  • CPA, CPS, CPC Commissions
  • World-Class Conversion Tracking
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  • Recurring Monthly Commissions
  • World-Class Conversion Tracking
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The Simple, Powerful Affiliate Tracking Solution.

Designed To Be Easy As 1-2-3 For Affiliates & Influencers.

Affiliate Marketers, Influencers, Retailers, Other Partners:

Find companies and brands offering affiliate programs to promote via ReferDigital and make money

Work With Merchants

ReferDigital makes it easy to partner with brands and manufacturers. Review merchant profiles on ReferDigital and apply directly to the ones you wish to work with. Manage all your merchants in one interface.

CPA, CPS, CPC commissions

Through ReferDigital you can promote and make money with any merchants that offer affiliate marketing campaigns. Lead generation (fixed commissions per lead), shopping cart (percent of cart value commissions) campaigns, and per click commissions are all supported.

Recurring Monthly Commissions

Some ReferDigital merchants offer subscription campaigns which pay out monthly as long as the customer is still an active subscriber, for example, SaaS companies, paid newsletters, subscription boxes, or other companies offering monthly payment plans.

Easy Sign Up, Easy To Use

We know many affiliates and influencers manage their businesses from a mobile phone these days. Complicated affiliate networks and tracking solutions just won't do. ReferDigital is specifically designed for these partners and makes onboarding and using it dead-simple.

Prompt Payments

We keep track of how much is owed to each affiliate for their commissions, periodically bill merchants for the total amount owed, and pay affiliates all commissions earned once the merchants pays us. No need to chase individual merchants for payment!

True Partnerships

Unlike other networks, ReferDigital focuses on true partnerships. We actively encourage merchants to structure commissions and wholesale/dropship prices so their partners can benefit from full customer lifetime value (CLTV).

World-Class Conversion Tracking

ReferDigital features world-class conversion tracking, combining traditional cookie tracking with modern cookie-less methods, and built on that of our powerful SaaS tool Addue, to make sure you are always credited your correct commissions.

Global Currencies

ReferDigital supports all major worldwide currencies and can track commissions and make affiliate payments worldwide. Wherever you are based, you can work with ReferDigital, and promote merchants from around the world.

Powerful Reporting

With ReferDigital you can easily track all the referrals you are driving at any time to each of your merchants by checking your live real-time referral history in your account. If you're promoting subscription campigns, you can easily track each referred subscription separately too. And export reports to CSV at any time.

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